Education is the foundation of liberation. Only by educating each other in open-minded dialogue and reflecting on our actions can we move forward, towards a freer world.

Here are a few readings you can use as a starting point to understand what Oly Assembly is about, what we’re inspired by and where we’d like to go.

Introductory Essays

Introduction to Olympia Assembly

Community, Democracy, and Mutual Aid – Toward Dual Power and Beyond by the Symbiosis Collective

Casting Shadows: Chokwe Lumumba and the Struggle for Racial Justice and Economic Democracy in Jackson, Mississippi by Kali Akuno

Building Democracy Without the State by Dilar Dirik

People’s Movement Assembly-Handbook by Project South

Libertarian Municipalism- The New Municipal Agenda by Murray Bookchin

Organizing Skills

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief Workshop Facilitation Guide

How to organise and facilitate meetings effectively

Campaign Power Mapping Activity

Decision making and organisational form

Door Knocking Guide

Direct Action Survival Guide (booklet format)

Print-formatted Pamphlets

Communalism Pamphlet by Stephanie and Marcus Amargi

Is America Ready for a Municipalist Movement by Alexander Kolokotronis

Reason, Creativity and Freedom – The Communalist Model by Eleanor Finley

Democratic Confederalism by Abdullah Ocalan

Work, Community, Politics, War


Post-Scarcity Anarchism by Murray Bookchin

The Politics of Social Ecology by Janet Biehl

We regularly print pamphlets and host study groups, so keep an eye out for our stuff!

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